Why would transnational criminal enterprises and foreign intelligence services want to target my organization’s data or intellectual property?

Are we prepared or are we the next victim? During retired FBI Special Agent Scott Augenbaum’s career almost all of his hundreds of victims never expected to become a victim, because they didn’t believe they had anything worth stealing. Think again. Scott has responded to hundreds of data breaches and will share with you the commonalities in almost all incidents and provide you with several takeaways to prevent your organization from becoming the next victim.

How to stay safe in a digitally connected world.

Your employees want instant access to their personal email, web surfing and social media. But you know and this all creates risk to your organization. So, is there a happy medium given that cyber criminals using employees personal email and social media accounts as a weapon against organization. Retired FBI Special Agent Scott Augenbaum will use his unique storytelling ability to demonstrate to your employees steps they must take at home to not become a victim. Individuals who demonstrate good cyber hygiene at home tend to take these habits to the workplace.

Do you know what your children are doing on the Internet?

Retired FBI Special Agent Scott Augenbaum has provided hundreds of Internet Safety briefings to parents and students. One of his favorite questions for the students is “How many of you guys can do anything you want on your iPhones and your parents don’t have a clue?” Scott will share the answer and you are not going to like it. Almost all internet-based crimes against children could have been prevented with education and awareness. During this session, Scott provides parents with a number of tools for your tool box that will help keep your children safe.

Are we the next victim of a data breach?

2017 was another record year for the Cyber Criminals. Almost every week there was another data breach in the news. What did all of these organizations have in common? They all spent a lot of money on information security products and consulting services focusing on compliance: PCI, HIPPA, SOX, etc. It seems the more money spent on products and services the more the breaches occur. Something isn’t right. Retired FBI Special Agent Scott Augenbaum will demonstrate how throwing large bags of money at information security isn’t the right answer. Instead, he provides you with an honest assessment on the current state of information security and explain why the victimization continues as well as steps to improve your security strategy without spending money.

The Business Email Compromise and Business Process Compromise, the $5 billion-dollar scam.

Transnational criminal enterprises are targeting the financial services sector and any organization that uses email and has access to a bank account. These schemes which appear complicated at first are really nothing more than social engineering going after the weakest link in any organization, the people. When your money is stolen the chances of recovery are slim to none and since the bad guys are located overseas the chances of bringing them to justice is just as bleak. Retired FBI Special Agent Scott Augenbaum will explain how almost all of these incidents could have been prevented without spending money through a couple of simple tips. This is a must for any financial executive or anyone within your organization who pays bills.

Conducting Business in the Global Marketplace. An executive’s guide to traveling overseas.

There are a lot of bad things going on outside the United States and business travelers are concerned about their physical safety. Besides physical security, travelers are often targeted by foreign governments who are interested in gaining access to U.S companies computer networks in order to increase market share, build their economies and modernize their military. Retired FBI Special Agent Scott Augenbaum dealt with numerous organizations who were victimized and each one never thought they would become a victim. If your employees travel overseas and routinely use public Wi-Fi to log into the corporate network, they are putting your organization at risk. Scott will teach you how to reduce your risk profile and stay safe while traveling overseas.

What Scott does:

As a retired Supervisory Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) with twenty nine years’ experience and fourteen years handling the investigation of thousands of Cyber Crime incidents, Scott Augenbaum teaches individuals and organizations how not to become the victim of a Cyber Crime incident. Over the years, Scott has examined each of these incidents and is able to provide their root causes in an easy to understand format. Scott’s goal is to share what he has learned during his three-decade long career to help prevent your organization from becoming the next victim.

Who Scott works with:

Over the past ten years Scott has provided over 750 Cyber Crime threat briefings across numerous industry sectors. These include financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, cleared defense contractors, federal, state and local government agencies, automotive, transportation, utility, insurance, academia, military, small businesses, non-profits, and homeowners.


Why it works:

When the Cyber Criminals steal your organization’s “crown jewels” or hard-earned money the chances of law enforcement getting any of it back is slim to none. Since most of the Cyber Criminals are located outside the United States in countries that are not friendly to the U.S., the chances of law enforcement putting the bad guys in jail is just as bleak. Scott is able to explain how almost all Cyber Crime incidents involving financial loss could have easily been prevented by following a few basic (and free) techniques.

What makes Scott different:

It’s no secret the number of Cyber Crime incidents and data breaches, as well as the amount of money, credit card/healthcare, and number of stolen financial records keeps rising. However, at the same time, we as a nation are spending more money on information security consulting services as well as so called technology solutions. In Scott’s opinion this is Einstein’s definition of insanity. Scott teaches his clients how to dramatically reduce their risk by explaining in detail how 90% of incidents could be prevented without spending money on expensive services or tools.