Scott Augenbaum: The ‘FBI Cyber Guy’

Get to Know Scott Augenbaum

Scott Augenbaum: The ‘FBI Cyber Guy’

Millions of people use technology every day. Because of its rapid growth, IT has become an occupational powerhouse in terms of its importance and use. While it’s crucial to know the latest and greatest in the TechWorld, what has become pertinent is knowing how to keep it all safe. 

Information Technology- meet your new best friend, Cybersecurity. 

Technology dramatically changes and evolves with each season, leaving us to wonder, “What’s next?” However, in the world of cybersecurity, this timeline looks quite different. 

Cybercriminals are not 15-year-old kids in their grandma’s basements. They understand how much we use technology and the vectors that work the best for an attack. Yet, according to Cybersecurity Ventures, the cost of cybercrime will reach $6 trillion by 2021, doubling in the six years since 2015. 

This means we’re throwing money at the problem, but the problem is growing. 

Information Technology- meet your new best friend, Cybersecurity. 

During my three-decade long career as a Special Agent with the FBI, I interacted with thousands of cybercrime and data breach victims. Most cases had similar traits: the victims were unable to recover their stolen assets, the criminals were located overseas (Asia, Africa, and Europe), and law enforcement could not bring the bad guys to justice. 

These factors caused me a great deal of frustration because a large majority of the victimizations could have been prevented by following some basic steps. There were too many instances of dealing with companies on the brink of destruction. When you have to sit across from another person whose company was a victim of crime, it’s not exactly the right moment to tell them if they would have followed some basic principles, this event could have been prevented.

That’s when I decided to take what I know, and share it with as many people as possible.

In my last 5 years with the FBI, I provided over one thousand lectures. After these talks, the audience members would ask me for more information, or for a How-To manual on what to do; and yet, I had no answer for them. 

How could they get the steps to prevent becoming a cybercrime victim? 

I wrote my book, The Secret to Cybersecurity, in such a way so that anyone can understand cybersecurity, from your Grandpa to you, the IT guru. I had many victim organizations that had an entire technology team, but nobody handling information security. I quickly learned that the typical information technology person needed to learn more about the basics and fundamentals of information security. 

So what has keys without a lock, and space without a room? A keyboard! That’s my IT humor for now! But remember- every company, no matter how big or small, holds sensitive information. It’s up to you to keep it safe.

How can we do that? 

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